Why choose MPO Trustee

We are the first Italian Trust company whose Board of Directors is composed of a range of professionals with a relevant experience in all fields relating to the Trust. This includes lawyers, accountants, insurers and tax consultants. We are members of the “Society of Trust and Estate practitioners – STEP (www.step.org)”, part of “Associazione il Trust in Italia”(www.il-trust-in-italia.it). Furthermore partners for the Master in tax law organized by the 24Ore Group (www.formazione.ilsole24ore.com) as well as speakers at “Scuola Superiore dell’Economia e delle Finanze”(www.ssef.it).

Our activity is totally focused on the Trust and we are engaged in professional promotion and development in Italy and abroad.

Our strengths are

Competence: We carry forward everyday improvements in our work. We are always brought up to date on news about Trusts in Italy and in the world.

Experience: Our team is composed by practitioners that can lead you in Italian legislation and market with their experience and commitment.

Openness: For this reason we have created an accounting software that allows us to provide more detailed reports on the situation of the assets in Trust.

Control: In our work, we leave nothing to chance. Therefore, we have developed standard operating procedures which ensure we always have the situation under control and all these are formalized in an internal compliance manual.

Independence: We are absolutely independent. We have no links with banks, insurances or other stakeholders.

Security: As a major insurance to our clients, we have entered into a specific insurance policy for the business of the Trustee with LLOYDS of London, a world leader in the management of occupational risks. Insurance policy no. B0391SX1200003 to a ceiling of € 2.000.000,00.


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Society of Trust and Estate Practitioner – www.step.org


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